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DIRECTOR OF MUSIC MINISTRY  -- Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Community, Albuquerque, NM

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Community is a multicultural, multilingual, multi-generational community of faith of 2,000 families, located on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We take to heart the Second Vatican Council’s call to full, conscious and active participation in the liturgy by all the faithful.

The Director of Music Ministry is responsible for leading and empowering the music ministers of our community.  In collaboration with the Pastoral Associate for Worship and Sacraments, you will work to promote the full, conscious and active participation of the liturgical assembly through sung worship.  Key responsibilities include:

  • Prepare and direct the overall bilingual music ministry for Sunday liturgies (4), Feast days, Sacramental and devotional celebrations
  • Direct music planning for the liturgical seasons and provide resources for the preparation of appropriate music for sacramental celebrations
  • Facilitate ministerial collaboration, develop musical excellence, and encourage ongoing formation for parish music ministers
  • Track inventory and care of parish instruments (including 2 Rodgers Organs, 2 grand and 2 studio pianos), church sound system and music equipment
  • Maintain hymnals and develop worship aids, music supplements, and oversee copyright licenses and reporting

As a Director of Music Ministry in our Catholic Community, you will need:

  • A Bachelor Degree in music (or equivalent) and 5 years pastoral experience in parish music ministry leadership
  • Competency in piano/organ, choral direction, music arranging, and leading the sung worship of the liturgical assembly
  • A working knowledge of Roman Catholic liturgy documents and their pastoral application
  • Communication (bilingual English/Spanish is beneficial), team building, leadership, and organization skills
  • The capacity to minister in a  Vatican II pastoral environment with people of varying age, culture, background, and language

This full time position includes weekend, evening, and some holiday working hours.  In return we offer a competitive salary, health and retirement benefits, flexible office hours, and opportunities for ongoing learning and career development.

Are you ready to join our ministry team? 

Contact to request a complete job description and application package.     

POSTED 2-7-2020



The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament is a Roman Catholic Parish of 3400 families, located in Northwest Washington, DC.   It has a well-established and well-respected music program, a tradition of fine liturgy, a commitment to social outreach, and a large Catholic school.  The parish is now accepting applications for a full-time, salaried position of the Director of Music & Liturgy.  


The successful candidate will:

  • be a Catholic who participates fully in the sacramental life of the Church; 
  • have 5-10 years of experience in parish music ministry;
  • have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Music, Sacred Music, Music Education, Organ Performance, or other related field.  A Masters or DMA is preferred;
  • Has fulfilled all VIRTUS or Safeguarding of God’s Children requirements;
  • exhibit knowledge of Catholic Liturgy and its liturgical principles;
  • exhibit an understanding of the principles for choosing liturgical music, based upon the standard musical, liturgical, and pastoral judgments;
  • confidently utilize the Church’s entire musical heritage.  He/she should be comfortable with all musical expressions in all forms and styles for the assembly, choirs, vocalists, and instrumentalists;
  • be proficient in piano, organ, and congregational accompaniment;
  • be proficient in choral and orchestral conducting;
  • be self-motivated, team-oriented, collaborative, and flexible;
  • possess strong organizational skills and strong communication abilities;
  • show competence in Microsoft Word, Publisher, and digital music programs.


  • As a member of the pastoral staff, the Director of Music and Liturgy coordinates the worship life of the parish in collaboration with the Pastor, other staff members, and the Parish Worship Commission.
  • The position requires the necessary administrative skills for a large and active parish program.
  • He/she works a flexible schedule as determined by the requirements of the liturgical seasons and days. 
  • There are seven weekend Masses -- music is provided at all of them in a variety of musical expressions. The Director coordinates leaders of a contemporary ensemble, multiple choirs, and professional singers.  Other instrumentalists are hired as required.
  • The church has a piano as well as a 1975 Zimmer and Sons German style pipe organ with  four manuals, thirty-six stops, and forty-six ranks.   


  • Serve as primary musician for liturgical celebrations on weekends, solemnities, school liturgies and special occasions.
  • Prepare, confer and advise in the planning of music for all parish liturgies. Research, select and purchase new music for the music program generally.  
  • Rehearse and direct the Sanctuary Choir of adult volunteers and four paid section leaders at the principle Sunday Mass.
  • Recruit, train and supervise cantors, additional organists, substitutes, and other choir directors.
  • Accompany the assembly at four to five weekend Masses.
  • Prepare, rehearse, direct and play for all sacramental services, including Confirmation, First Eucharist, and First Reconciliation.
  • With pastoral sensitivity, meet with engaged couples and bereaved families for the preparation of weddings and funerals.
  • Prepare and play for all funerals and weddings.  Coordinate additional singers and instrumentalists as necessary.   Weddings and funerals are compensated separately. 


  • Have proficient knowledge of the Church’s liturgical books and documents.
  • Select music appropriate to the liturgical season and days.
  • Plan and provide a monthly schedule and music list for use by clergy and music ministers.
  • Prepare presider texts and worship aids to enable the proper celebration of the liturgy.
  • Coordinate rehearsals (along with clergy and the Worship Commission) for major liturgical and sacramental celebrations.
  • Provide for the regular recruitment and formation of liturgical ministers.
  • Any additional duties as requested by the Pastor or clergy.


  • Maintain all necessary copyright licenses.
  • Prepare, propose and administer the annual music budget.
  • Attend the regular meetings of the Parish Staff and Worship Commission.
  • Submit payroll data and invoices for payment in a timely fashion.
  • Oversee the maintenance contracts of the parish’s pipe organ, numerous pianos, and other instruments.
  • Maintain the parish music library and the parish’s liturgical texts.

Please send resumes to Father William Foley, Pastor.

The deadline for applications is April 1, 2020.  The position will be available July 19, 2020.  Compensation will be commensurate with skills and experience.

POSTED 1-31-20




The Divine Worship Director is responsible for equipping and supporting the liturgical and sacramental life of parishes of the Diocese of Green Bay. The Divine Worship Director will prepare and coordinate all necessary efforts in accomplishing and communicating the Diocesan liturgical and sacramental vision through a wide variety of long and short term projects and efforts in a missionary context.

This is accomplished through equitable concentration in three primary ministerial areas:

a) Providing parish and Diocesan support to the liturgical practices within the Diocese and to assist the Bishop in overseeing of the liturgical and sacramental life of the Diocese;

b) Supporting and evaluating strategic initiatives which contribute to the life of worship for the Diocese;

c) Serving as emcee for approximately 15 designated liturgies such as Chrism Mass.


“Embrace the mission and vision of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay and work in accordance with Catholic Social Teachings and the moral and ethical values of the Catholic Church.”

  • Master’s degree required in liturgy.

  • Full understanding and support for the mission, vision, culture and strategic objectives of the Diocese of Green Bay, the Catholic Church, the culture of the Diocesan parishes, and the Northeast Wisconsin area.

  • A leader with excellent verbal/communications skills and a thoughtful, collaborative personal style. 

  • Must be people oriented, have a relational approach to problem solving, be approachable and accessible to parish staff. 

  • A mastery of Microsoft Office programs, social media, website development, leadership and administrative skills. 

  • Must also have strategic, critical, and analytical thinking, have solid decision-making skills, program development, interpersonal communication, good planning and budgeting skills and experience.

  • Ability to be creative, organized, detail-oriented, and dependable.

  • Ability to be outgoing and comfortable meeting new people. 

  • Both independent/self-motivated and collaborative, presenting quality leadership skills. 

  • Use analytical skills and sound discernment to solve problems with the accessible information.

  • Communicate complicated matters in a simple, structured way to all stakeholders.

  • Accomplish tasks through cooperation and tactful collaboration.

Parish Life & Evangelization Mission Team / Full-time – Benefit eligible

If interested in this position, please send your resume to:

POSTED 1-21-20



St. Joseph/St. Boniface Parish is looking for a full-time Director of Music/Organist beginning January 31, 2020. Responsibilities include providing music for Masses on Saturday (5:15pm) and Sunday, direction of the choir, supervision of cantors, and providing music for special occasions, including Confirmations, Communions, etc. In addition, availability is required for weddings and funerals, which carry a separate fee. Salary negotiable.  If interested, please contact Rev. Levelt Germain, Pastor (845) 356-0311 or Deacon John Sadowski, Parish Manager (845) 745-0559.

POSTED 1-2-20



Under the administrative review of the Parish Market publisher, the LME carries out editorial, educational, program development, and project management roles for liturgical and ritual publishing. The LME is also responsible for the selection and editing of music for all ritual and pastoral publications.


1. Manage the editorial process for the quarterly publiction Loose-Leaf Lectionary, including commissioning and editing of Homily Hints and Daily Scripture Guides.

2. Manage the production process for new official ritual resources and to develop other products that are ritual in nature.

3. Coordinate the annual production of the Living Liturgy family of resources, including participation in the commissioning of authors and artists, in consultation with the Parish Market publisher.

4. Select the music (hymns, chants, responsorial psalms, Masses, etc.) for Celebrating the Eucharist (CE), Misal del Pueblo/Missal of the People (MP), Sacred Song, and other such publications as may be developed, and to approve and proofread the set copy from Finale for these titles.

5. Supervise the creation of all new music files using Finale (including proofreading and collaborating in their layout). Will also create and direct the typesetting of indices for all music titles.

6. Prepare the annual CE Music Accompaniment, CE Music Planner, and MP Accompaniment, and to proofread and approve the set copy from Finale for these titles.

7. Maintain records of all music files, and to process and maintain records of all music permissions and licenses (including, other permissions agencies, and individual requests), all royalties and fees that LP is obligated to pay to composers, musicians, publishing houses, and other parties.

8. Collaborate with the Parish Market publisher and LP colleagues in the acquisition, editing, production, and marketing of music products, music-related products, and ritual resources.

9. Represent LP at conferences and events, both in-person and virtual, including through presentations and other educational activities at these events as opportunities arise.

10. Perform additional duties as assigned.



1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in theology, liturgy, music, or related subject.

2. Demonstrable knowledge of liturgy and liturgical music.

3. Experience as a developmental editor, copyeditor, and music editor.

4. Familiarity with music permissions and licensing.

5. Competence in word-processing and music typesetting, using such software as Microsoft Word, Excel, Finale, and InDesign.

6. High degree of mental concentration and the ability to work under deadline pressure with minimal supervision.

7. Ability to work simultaneously on numerous editorial projects.

8. Strong written and verbal communications skills.


The successful candidate is expected to relocate to Collegeville, MN.  Please address any questions to Shannon Chisholm  at  You may apply directly through the University website: